Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mid-Century and Danish Modern Furniture

In searching for some unique desks for our office, I ran across Spinario Design, an exceptional boutique in NE Minneapolis that specializes in Mid-Century and Danish Modern Furniture and accessories.

Spinario Design is located in the Bottling House near the corner of 13th and Marshall. Hours are currently limited and by appointment but make sure to stop over of you get a chance. It's as though you just stepped into a classic Sean Connery/007 film and I'm sure you'll hear (or utter) at least one comment about "My parents (grandparents) had one just like that!"

People seem to find themselves in the design world for many different reasons. For me, its the visceral reaction from an object, color or composition, so perfectly executed, that can make you weak in the knees. A truly timeless, elegant, functional design like this desk just takes my breath away.

Whether you see it as fantastic (like I do), terrible, or simply retro kitch, Spinario Design is giving it a new life in Northeast.

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A.J. Meyer said...

Here's another great resource for Mid-Century Furniture in Minneapolis...